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How much experience do I need for classes?

Beginners are always welcome, and no experience is necessary to get started. We work to provide a welcoming and safe environment for beginners and experts alike.

Am I going to be punched in the face?

No, sparring is only available for advanced students.

What should I wear and do I need to bring anything?

We have all equipment necessary for boxing and workouts. Most people do prefer to bring their own wraps to class.

What age group is recommended for kids boxing classes?

6-13 for the youth class. 14 and up for all other classes. If we had to get an average age from our adult classes it would be somewhere from 20-40 although there are plenty of outliers.

Why do people box at Sweet Z’s? We asked our boxers and this is their feedback. 

  • A sense of empowerment.
  • To get the fight experience at a pace that works for my goals
  • Healthy stress management.
  • To provide myself with the necessary physical challenge for my own personal self development.
  • I saw a documentary and I had to try it.
  • I have another personal struggle that boxing helps me work through.